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ISEA was promoted by the Division of Engineering and Business Services of MONDRAGON Corporation, as Divisional Centre for Technological Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Division of Engineering and Business Services of MONDRAGON Corporation comprises 35 companies, constituting a true "cluster" service company that has achieved a business volume of more than 249 million Euros, employing a group of 2,030 people.

AThe following organizations participate in the share capital of ISEA:

  • MONDRAGON Corporation is result of the co-operative movement iniciated in Mondragón (Gipuzkoa) in 1956. It's business philosophy is reflected in its Corporate Values: Co-operation, Participation, Social responsibility and innovation. Today, MONDRAGON Corporation is the largest Business Group in the Basque Country and the seventh largest in Spain, with important activities in Financial, Industrial and Distribution sectors.
  • Mondragón Ingeniería y Servicios (MISE) is a division of the Industrial Group of MONDRAGON Corporation. The Division of Engineering and Services works to integrate solutions that contribute value to their clients, by means of the development and application of activities related to: Professional Services, Engineering and Educative Services
  • LKS S.Coop. Company specialized in management consultancy, technology consultancy and law firm.
  • LKS Ingeniería S.Coop. Company specialized in architecture and engineering, real state consultancy and design and innovation.
  • Ondoan S.Coop. company specialized in engineering and systems, environment and prevention, and service and maintenance.
  • Mondragón Sistemas de Información S.Coop. company specialized in industrial automatization and industrial computing, automated quality, MES (manufacturing execution system) and control of warehouses, security and intelligent freight systems.
  • MCCtelecom S.Coop. company specialized in Infrastructure engineering Solutions, Engineering of systems and managed services
  • Alecop S.Coop. company specialized in Educative investigation, international educative projects, didactic equipment long distance training.
  • Mondragón Lingua S.Coop. company specialized in courses of languages, linguistic services to companies, academic studies and external formation.
  • Abantail S.Coop. , a technology based company whose purpose is the optimization and automation of the process of adaptive design.

Entailment with MONDRAGON Corporation

ISEA has been promoted by the Division of Engineering and Business Services of MONDRAGON Corporation , as a Divisional Centre.

MONDRAGON Corporation is the first Basque business group and the tenth in Spain, with 5.711 million euros in sales in its industrial activity, 8.277 million euros in sales in distribution, and 18.629 million euros of assets under its financial activity.

MONDRAGON Corporation, is a business group composed of 255 companies and organizations structured into three clusters: Financial, Industrial and Distribution, which at year-end 2011, it employed 83,859 people.

MONDRAGON Corporation has developed an important educational framework which highlights several vocational training centers and their own university, MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA.

MONDRAGON Corporation provides a budget equivalent to 8.1% of the added value of its industrial area to the R + D + i, and has 13 corporate and sectoral technology centers employing 1885 people.