ISEAs profile

Profile of the Centre

Innovation in Advanced Business Services - ISEA S. COOP. is a private and non-profit innovation and entrepreneurship Centre, specialized in Business Services Sector, promoted by the Division of Engineering, and Business Services of MONDRAGON Corporation.

ISEA S.COOP. is a Science and Technology Agent, integrated into the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network. Today is part of the Basque Innovation Agency - INNOBASQUE. Additionally, ISEA is a Certified Agent of the Basque Entrepreneurial Service of the Society for Competitive Transformation - SPRI.

ISEA S.COOP. is an entity declared of public utility by the Department of Justice, Employment and Social Security of the Basque Government.


ISEA S.COOP 's mission. is to improve the competitiveness of the sector of Business Services by empowering Technological Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of new business activities