An Structure designed to dynamize the launching processes of new enterprise initiatives in the advanced services sector

In line with its corporate purpose, ISEA S. COOP. has promoted a Business Acceleration Center, a specialized structure designed to boost the process of launching new business initiatives in the Advanced Services Sector

The methodology adopted by the Business Acceleration Center S.COOP ISEA. considers the deployment of an operating system that integrates the following activities:

  • Exploration: Prospective areas of opportunity for new businesses based on the inter-cooperation.
  • Leadership: The process of detection and promotion of entrepreneurial human capital for business development projects.
  • Socialization: the activities, the workflow and the results of cooperative entrepreneurship.
  • Governance: Management Mechanisms of ISEA S.COOP Business Acceleration Center. and its projects.

The Business Acceleration Center of ISEA S.COOP. was recognized as "Best Practice" in the Corporate Management Model of MONDRAGON in May 2010. Subsequently MONDRAGON Corporation selected ISEA S.COOP as the support structure of it?s Business Acceleration Center, a specialized structure designed to streamline the process of launching business initiatives by encouraging new business generated by inter-cooperation.

Additionally ISEA S.COOP. has assumed the corporate goal of "Design and implement a roadmap for intensification of entrepreneurship in MONDRAGON". This "road map" is a functional deployment strategy of the 2013 - 2016 Social-Business Policy approved by Cooperative Congress of Mondragon